When GameGuard was established in 2003, Founders Craig & Stacey Smith knew that, regardless of how much success came their way, they wanted to remain faithful to give generously to those in need. Over a decade later, this call is at the heart of what we do. While our giving has historically been set aside as a private activity, we're now taking efforts to give generously of another resource: Our Voice.


GameGuard has been fortunate to reach faithful fans and followers across the nation with our love of the outdoors, and now, we're sharing our love for people and the opportunity to help those in need. Below is a list of causes that we believe are making a difference. We have been blessed to give to these organizations, and we'd like to encourage you to do the same. 




Grace House India

The purpose of Grace House India is to take in orphaned girls, between the ages of 8-16.  Some of these girls will come to us by way of the government as orphans in need of housing.  Others will come from the court system, whether they have been orphaned because of domestic violence or as a result of trafficking.  It doesn't matter to us where they began, only where they end.  We want to educate them, to encourage them to dream.  We want to continue their educations as far as they can go.  For some, this will be vocational training for others, a two year college and for some medical school.  We want them to realize their potential as daughters of the King.   Our goal is not to house these girls indefinitely but rather raise them up to leave us and become leaders in their own communities.  To return to others the blessings they have received at Grace House India.  We want each of these girls to grow into women who will have a great impact on the Kingdom.


Texas Wildlife Association

The Texas Wildlife Association is a statewide membership organization that serves Texas wildlife and its habitat, while protecting property rights, hunting heritage, and the conservation efforts of those who value and steward wildlife resources.


Veteran Outdoors

Veteran Outdoors’ mission is to honor our country’s wounded veterans’ patriotism and their sacrifice by providing quality hunting, fishing and outdoor related activities. VO’s goal is to raise public awareness about the therapeutic effects that being in the outdoors actually has on the mental and physical disabilities of our country’s wounded men and women. We will also provide a platform for veterans to tell their own stories in their own words.


Amy T. Selkirk Fund 

The Amy T. Selkirk Fund for Breast Cancer Immunotherapy was established by Bruce Selkirk in honor of his wife, who passed away from triple-negative breast cancer. In partnership with the Baylor Health Care System Foundation, the fund supports the research and implementation of traditional and investigational therapies, aimed at testing the efficacy of a vaccine against triple-negative breast cancer.