About GameGuard Outdoors



We are often asked by customers and friends how, and why, we got into this competitive industry of camouflage and outdoor apparel. We believed that if we brought a pattern to the market that reflected the true elements and colors of the Southwest, we would succeed. Little did we know that in less than ten years we would be a major player in our industry with a dedicated following.


Everyone has always heard the cliché “if you work hard and treat people right, you will do well” and it’s so true. In the beginning, we had a small offering of two caps, two shirts and a pair of pants. That’s not much when you’re asking a hunter to switch brands, but they did and they still are, and that is what's so exciting about what we've accomplished. Today, we have a full line of apparel and accessories for hunting, sport fishing and the active lifestyle.  Our vented MicroFiber shirts have quickly become the preferred choice for guides, outdoorsmen and even folks that have never touched a rod or gun but who demand handsome styling, fit, comfort and performance.


Okay, so a lot of you wonder how we arrived at the name GameGuard and what it means.  It's funny to think back on those days, but in the beginning we wanted something catchy that rolled off the tongue.  We kicked around a lot of ideas and somehow landed on "GameGuard".  It's fun to say and has a nice ring to it.  It's as simple as that. 


We're proud of what we've been able to accomplish, but GameGuard is certainly not sitting back and coasting. We are constantly exploring new materials, processes and designs to keep our loyal customers outfitted in the finest gear possible. It’s a privilege, and an honor, to be a part of this industry and one that our employees and my family are grateful for every day.


So, if you haven’t given us a try, please do - and if you have, then thanks again for your loyalty and support.



Best regards,
Craig Smith

Founder, GameGuard Outdoors