GameGuard Bucks Terms and Conditions

GameGuard Bucks Terms and Conditions

GameGuard Bucks Program Account Creation

When an individual creates an account on, the customer automatically receives admission into the GameGuard Bucks program. 



Every purchase made will accrue points and can be tracked in the customer account. Unless otherwise noted, all customers will earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Customers can receive additional points by completing various actions outlined on the rewards page


Customers can redeem their points for predetermined rewards outlined in the customer rewards page


These points are non-transferable, cannot be used as a cash payout, are not eligible to be applied to previous purchases, and are void where prohibited by United States law. Customer points remain valid for three years from the earned date and will expire if unused.


Tier Program

Customers are eligible to earn additional rewards through the GameGuard Bucks tier program. The tier program is a dynamic 12-month period starting when a customer reaches a certain tier. Only actions from the past 12 months will count toward eligibility to remain in that tier or advance to the next tier. If a customer fails to maintain their tier status, they will be downgraded a tier and will only lose their points if they remain inactive for three years. 
Below is an example for further explanation of the tier program.
For example, if a customer created an account on July 28th, 2019:

  • Until July 27th, 2020, the only actions that count towards tier eligibility are those made starting from July 28th, 2019.
  • Once the calendar reaches July 28th, 2020, only actions made within the last 12 months count toward tier eligibility.
  • If a customer reaches a new tier eligibility, the 12-month rolling calendar will restart.
  • If a customer has advanced to a tier and failed to maintain tier status at the end of the 12-month cycle, the customer automatically rolls back to the previous tier (ex., tier 3 rolls back to tier 2).



Customers can make referrals to GameGuard. Customers must provide their email before making a referral. The referred customer will get $20 off their order when a referral link is used. Once the purchase is complete, the referring customer will get an email with a $20 discount. The Terms and Conditions for Promotions, Discounts, and Offers is listed above.


Changes to the Loyalty Program

All changes to the GameGuard Bucks Rewards program are subject to change at any time. GameGuard will send a 60-day advanced notice via the email linked to the loyalty account regarding any changes to the program. Should customers have any questions, please contact