April 13, 2021 1 min read

Molly Cummings is a Biology Professor at UT Austin and co-owner with her siblings of WildGins Co. in Austin, TX. A girl after our own hearts, Molly studies fish behavior, cognition, and camouflage techniques. During a conversation with a research associate at UT, about a scarab beetle that lives in the alligator junipers around Fort Davis, she had an idea – to make a Texas-themed gin from the berries.

She and her siblings created WildBark and WildJune, unique gins made from the Alligator and the Red Berry Texas junipers that thrive in the Davis Mountains. Molly has discovered juniper trees on about 10 private properties and gathers around 60-100 pounds of berries per season. The Texas juniper berries are not featured in any other gin in the world and give the gin a real West Texas flavor. In fact, the flavor is tree specific. WildGin is the only single-sourced spirit in the world. They make single batches using berries from a single tree and put the name of the tree on their labels.

“Wild foraging these berries has been a real adventure for me. Going on a hunt to find the very best of these Texas gems, and being able to share them with people, has been an amazingly rewarding experience.”– Molly Cummings

Our customers are constantly inspiring us, and we want to share some of your stories. We’re proud to be a part of your lives while you are out there pursuing your dreams.

Molly's adventurous spirit and brash determination really stand out to us.  We think Molly is onto something great with WildJune Gin. If you're in Texas and see it on a menu, make sure you give it a try!


Molly Cummings of WildGins Co. Texas Gin Distillery

Denise Power
Denise Power