He Honored his Father's Memory with a 45" Kudu

Every Week we like to feature our customers' adventures on social media, in a contest we call "Trophy Shot Thursday." But, while a picture is worth a thousand words, some stories are best when shared in more detail:

45" Kudu, off the Eastern Cape in S. Africa

I have been an avid hunter for as long as I can remember. My father always made sure he and I had a place to go hunting as I was growing up. Like many of us do, we compiled a bucket list for trips we wanted to take in future and Africa was our number 1. Unfortunately my father passed away in 2013 so this trip turned into an opportunity for me to honor his memory in the best way I knew how.
Accompanied by my Uncle and two cousins we headed to the Eastern Cape of South Africa on 5/21/16. We hunted for 7 days and managed to take 17 amazing trophies between the four of us. At the end of the trip our final tally was:
4 Kudu
4 Impala
4 Gemsbok
3 Blue Wildebeest
1 Nyalla
1 Waterbuck
The picture I submitted is the 45” Kudu I took while over there. This is my favorite animal of the four I harvested as it represents “classic Africa” to me.
I currently live and hunt in west Texas and have used GameGuard for a number of years. The region of Africa that we were hunting was very similar to the terrain and vegetation one would see in West Texas. For this reason GameGuard was the perfect pattern to aide in concealment on our numerous stalks. We managed to get within 50 yards of most the animals we hunted without being detected. I wore GameGuard every day while hunting in Africa and I can honestly say I would recommend it to anyone who is considering an Eastern Cape Safari. Ya’ll offer many excellent products and I will be a customer for life.
Thanks again for choosing my photo and allowing me to tell you about my trip. Keep up the good work!

San Angelo, TX

Thank you, Jerris, for sharing your Trophy Shot experience.
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