September 26, 2016

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and GameGuard wants to help you raise awareness and honor your loved ones, until there is a cure.

We created the Peony Cooler Bag to honor a dear friend lost to triple-negative breast cancer, in 2015. Our dear friend, Beth Straubmueller bravely fought a rapidly growing and aggressive cancer for three years. She passed away in August of 2015. There are 50,000 cases annually of triple-negative breast cancer. This aggressive form of cancer is not treatable with standard therapies. 

The Amy T. Selkirk Fund for Breast Cancer Immunotherapy was established to help fund research for traditional and investigational therapies. We are thankful for the doctors and researchers that work hard every day to find a cure and we are grateful for your purchase and resulting donation in support these efforts.

We are proud to donate 100% of the proceeds of the Peony Cooler Bag to the Amy T. Selkirk Fund for Breast Cancer Immunotherapy in honor of the strong women fighting against cancer. The cooler is available in three styles, including the Running G Logo, Blank, for monogramming, or screen-printed with the following message:

“Here’s to Strong Women.
  May we know them.
  May we be them.
  May we raise them.”

Please join us this month, in raising support for alternative therapies, to help secure hope for future breast cancer patients. You can do so by purchasing the product mentioned above, or by donating directly to the Amy T. Selkirk Fund.





September 14, 2016

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Charitable Giving Page Now Live


When GameGuard was established in 2003, Founders Craig & Stacey Smith knew that, regardless of how much success came their way, they wanted to remain faithful to give generously to those in need. Over a decade later, this call is at the heart of what we do. While our giving has historically been set aside as a private activity, we're now taking efforts to give generously of another resource: Our Voice.

GameGuard has been fortunate to reach faithful fans and followers across the nation with our love of the outdoors, and now, we're sharing our love for people and the opportunity to help those in need. As of September 2016, we have added a list of causes to our site, of charities that we have given to, and that we believe are making a difference.

It has been a blessing to give to these organizations, and we'd like to encourage you to join us.

CLICK HERE for the list of causes that GameGuard supports.


He Stepped up his Game, with an Argentine Dove Hunt

GameGuard has been collecting some stories from loyal hunters across Texas. When Ryan Brennan, of Dallas, shared of his travels to Argentina, we just had to pass it along.


Ryan's group included 8 men - himself, three of his best friends and each of their dads. When they arrived in Córdoba, Argentina, nobody had any idea what to expect.
They were met by their guides and led on a exploration of the grounds. As they looked up in the sky, they saw the beginning of a "good problem." The sky was filled with so many doves that it was hard to choose a target!

Once they settled in, they began loading and taking aim. Their guides were instrumental to the experience, keeping the group's .20 gauge shotguns loaded, and continually reloading, more quickly than anyone could have expected. 

When the afternoon hunt was over, the group had averaged 1,000 birds, each.
Of the experience, Ryan says: 

 "After dove hunting my entire life in West Texas, Argentina truly had a large impact on my hunting career. I believe I have a much more accurate shot, as well as all of my friends do."


Thank you, Ryan, for sharing your Trophy Shot experience.
If you would like the opportunity to share your story with GameGuard, enter our photo contest.


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