December 08, 2016

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Look for Something Special in Your Mailbox!


If you like getting mail, and LOVE getting free stuff, then we've got a treat in store for you this Christmas Season!

During the last week of November, GameGuard selected a handful of lucky customers to receive a special GameGuard Christmas Card in the mail! Each Christmas card includes a limited-use gift card, that entitles you to a no-strings-attached Shopping spree! Cards range from a value of $10-$250, and can be used to buy anything for sale at (excludes gift cards). If you get your gift card in the mail, hurry - The offer expires on December 31, 2016.

To be considered, customers must have made a purchase through, between the dates of January 1, through November 19, 2016.

November 09, 2016

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Thank you for Serving. Now, let us serve you.  

Beginning Veteran's Day, Nov 11, 2016, GameGuard is proud to offer a 20% discount to Active Duty, Veteran Service Members and First Responders. 

How does it work?

When you've finished adding items to your cart, you can qualify for your discount by selecting either the button for "Verify my Troop ID" or "Verify my Responder ID", displayed beneath your cart.  This will direct you to the secure verification service, where your military ID will be authenticated, and you will be sent back to to receive your discount.

Setting up your credentials.
If you haven't registered with, click "Sign up." You will be prompted to create an account by entering your e-mail address and creating a password. 

You may verify your military status using:
* active service date
* DD214
* military e-mail address
* uploading military documentation

Each of these choices may require:
* Date of Birth
* Social Security Number
* Details of Service (branch, active duty dates).

Registration is a one-time process. After creating your profile, receiving your discount is as simple as logging into your account, from checkout! What's more, your profile means you may also qualify for savings via other partners, across the web.

Receiving your discount.
Once your ID has been confirmed, you will be brought back to to complete your purchase. Confirm your total, then proceed to the checkout, to see your discount. 

Thank you for Serving.
At GameGuard, we believe that there is no cause more worthy than to put your life on the line, in service of your country, or community.  Consider this our way of saying thank you for your invaluable contributions and service.

Register now, to qualify for your Military or First Responder Discount.

Verify with Troop ID

Verify with Responder ID LockVerification by • What is

September 26, 2016

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and GameGuard wants to help you raise awareness and honor your loved ones, until there is a cure.

We created the Peony Cooler Bag to honor a dear friend lost to triple-negative breast cancer, in 2015. Our dear friend, Beth Straubmueller bravely fought a rapidly growing and aggressive cancer for three years. She passed away in August of 2015. There are 50,000 cases annually of triple-negative breast cancer. This aggressive form of cancer is not treatable with standard therapies. 

The Amy T. Selkirk Fund for Breast Cancer Immunotherapy was established to help fund research for traditional and investigational therapies. We are thankful for the doctors and researchers that work hard every day to find a cure and we are grateful for your purchase and resulting donation in support these efforts.

We are proud to donate 100% of the proceeds of the Peony Cooler Bag to the Amy T. Selkirk Fund for Breast Cancer Immunotherapy in honor of the strong women fighting against cancer. The cooler is available in three styles, including the Running G Logo, Blank, for monogramming, or screen-printed with the following message:

“Here’s to Strong Women.
  May we know them.
  May we be them.
  May we raise them.”

Please join us this month, in raising support for alternative therapies, to help secure hope for future breast cancer patients. You can do so by purchasing the product mentioned above, or by donating directly to the Amy T. Selkirk Fund.





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